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The photos above are from a videotape of the event obtained by The Wrap.The Wrap spoke to Lewis’ best friend from high school, husband, ex-husband, and grandmother — her primary caretaker at the time — all of whom said Lewis told them decades ago about her accusations against Copperfield.Therefore, if a 17-year-old runaway leaves home, the parents are still obligated for support.

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Lewis said that soon after the “Look of the Year” contest, when she returned home to Utah, Copperfield invited her to one of his upcoming shows in California.

Since Lewis was still a minor, Copperfield asked permission from her grandmother, Patricia Burton, Lewis and Burton told The Wrap. “He said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her,” Burton said. He was very charming.” She said Copperfield promised that Lewis would be accompanied at all times and that she would be staying in a separate hotel room from his. She believes the city was San Diego, but admits she isn’t certain after nearly three decades.

She said she had barely touched her drink when she noticed him pouring something into her glass. ’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m just sharing,'” Lewis said.

Also Read: Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Sentenced to 40 to 175 Years in Prison She said she took a few sips after that and blacked out. She said she remembers bits and pieces of that night, mostly flashes of herself being carried out to a cab, and him inside her hotel room wearing a black robe with shoulder pads. “He was kissing my face and then I remember him starting to go down on my body with his face, and then, as soon as he started going down, I just completely blacked out.” The next morning, she said, she woke up feeling sick and nauseated.

“He said: ‘I didn’t enter you.'” “There was no fluid but he could have had a condom,” she added.

Also Read: Dylan Farrow Repeats Woody Allen Accusations in Graphic Detail: ' I Was Sexually Assaulted' (Video) Even though she wasn’t due back home for a couple of days, she said Copperfield suggested it was “best” if she went back that day. Her grandmother said she knew immediately that “something was wrong” when she called to say she would be home early.

Brittney Lewis was a 17-year-old model with dreams of becoming the next Elle Macpherson when, she says, magician David Copperfield drugged and sexually assaulted her.

It happened in 1988, Lewis said, after she competed in a modeling contest in which Copperfield was a judge.

Also Read: Steven Seagal Accused of 1993 Rape: ' Tears Were Coming Down My Face' Copperfield, one of the judges, was a superstar of magic after a decade of spectacular tricks that included making the Statue of Liberty disappear and then reappear and levitating over the Grand Canyon.

His high-flying life would eventually include a reported billion in ticket sales and relationships with models Claudia Schiffer and Chloe Gosselin.

She said that before she left, Copperfield made her write a letter saying she was okay.

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