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From the time she’s a toddler a girl is bombarded with media and other cultural messages that undermine the kind of healthy, resilient self-image you want her to develop.But parents have a tremendous influence on how a girl feels about herself, and with the right map in hand, you can steer your daughter away from influences and activities that undermine self-esteem and towards those that contribute to a realistic body image and a strong sense of self.

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Margaret Kahn, 16, likes, a show in which provocatively dressed high school girls have a lot of casual sex.

Margaret, who attends an all-girls school in New York City, says the show is totally unrealistic (“I don’t know anyone who wears heels to school”), but its juicy plotlines make for good TV.

Her mother, Jessica, objects to the representations of women and sex on the show but watches with Margaret and her sister so they can talk about what they see.

“The reason I let them watch,” she says, “is that it’s really important to me that they develop into savvy media consumers and I want them to be aware of misrepresentations or harmful representations without losing their sense of fun.”Like Margaret, many girls say they are fully aware that the representations of women they see on TV and the models they see in magazines present unrealistic, even unhealthy standards of beauty and what a woman’s body should look like.

“She watched those movies over and over.” And then one day her mother took her to the Disney store near their Pasadena, California home to pick out a Halloween costume and everything changed.

“Quyen told her mom she wanted to be Prince Philip because she told her mother, ‘He gets to fight the dragon.This site and it's operators are not responsible for inaccuracies, out of date or omitted records. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.There’s really no way to sugarcoat it: Raising a confident, self-assured daughter who is comfortable with her body is not an easy thing to do these days.“And it’s not just stretching; it’s visual effects to take away lines and blemishes and I would say at this point half or more of the women on TV are wearing wigs or extensions.”Girls aren’t likely to stop watching TV.That’s why it’s crucial that parents teach them to question and decode the messages being communicated.Marriage to him is what constitutes “happily ever after.”Quyen Mullin, 11, started noticing there was something very wrong with the messages she was getting when she was not quite 4 years old.

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