Black sluts for white dudes dating sagittarius female dating a sagittarius male

Why won’t they just shut up long enough for Black men to get free we’ll talk about their issues…eventually.

How you choose to deal with said person, after you have identified them as Hotep, is completely up to you.

There is a unique creature that one finds in the wilderness of Black Twitter.

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If that fails, well like I said, there’s always the ‘act like they died’ option because only you can prevent mass faux-consciousness.

If you have self-identified as a member of Hotep Twitter and you have made it to the end of this post I highly suggest perusing the suggested reading mentioned in the paragraph above.

This doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the Black women they are taking their anger out on. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” cover art interrupted your listening of Boosie’s last album because why doesn’t she love herself? You’ve reposted an image of a Queen in Ancient Egypt and lamented that if only Black women would get back to living this way we, as a people, could rise and return to Africa to take our rightful place. You think Black Women were selfish for leaving the Black Panther Party due to their multiple experiences with sexism because they should’ve put Black rights over their female whims.

Doesn’t she know if she put her clothes on men will start treating women as a whole with respect? Didn’t they see that if they would’ve only waited a little longer the Party would’ve gotten to their rights and needs as women. You enjoyed the film except for the gay parts…”’cause [you] ain’t with that gay shit” and watching two men engage in a romantic interaction might get some of the gay on you. You feel like Black women and Black Trans persons are being tools of the white man by highlighting areas of exclusion and oppression within the Black community because can’t they see the Black man is beat up enough already?

In most scenarios they blend in with the rest of woke Black folk, almost to the point that you think about inviting them to the next “destroy gender binaries” rally.

You think they will stand behind a Black woman who is proud of her sexuality– –Until Beyoncé drops a new album and decides to talk about sex again, and they’re furiously typing thousand-word think pieces about the willing self-degradation of Black women from Queens of Egypt to self-hating bad bitches with no regard to Black women’s sexual liberation or Black female agency.My recommendation is to cease and desist all contact with said person for the rest of your natural born life.If that is not an option, you can purchase them a used copy of some type of Black Feminist work such as Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsider,” Patricia Hill Collins’ “Black Feminist Thought” or the Combahee River Collective Statement and hope some nugget of wokeness sticks.If only African Americans could understand as a whole, that the number one group keeping blacks down are blacks (and the DNC).Stop pointing the finger, stop electing the same corrupt DNC pieces of shit and start looking into the mirror.You can also check Black Twitter for a variety of hashtags such as #blackpowerisforblackmen, #yes All Women, #Dudes Greeting Dudes or any other insightful hashtag based off an intersectional activist politic. Well, THAT war is over,at least temporarily;the stupid people have won,while this black lad,whose 65th birthday July 6 hasn’t changed his boyish good looks,plus his 160 IQ,are marginalized again.(Oh,and the fat,b***hy broads have also won the day.) Reply This article is straight garbage.

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