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Historians argue about when the construction began (based on differing records and interpretations), but their best estimate for Jesus’ visit (as recorded in the Gospel of John) is AD 29.

As Easter approaches each year, national attention turns toward the Resurrection of Jesus.

Sadly, most news outlets treat Jesus skeptically during this important Christian season, challenging if he truly lived and if he rose from the grave.

It’s unlikely anyone is trying to date Goldilocks’ interaction with the three bears.

But, the fact that we can date the Resurrection of Jesus places the event in a very different category.

Professor of Apologetics at Biola University, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith.

Thai Flirting, aktiv seit Juli 2013 Thai hat sich in eine hervorragende Seite für tausende von Mitgliedern der ganzen Welt entwickelt, die nach einer besonderen Person, einem Partner, Freundschaft, Romantik oder zum Teilen von Geschichten suchen.The Resurrection of Jesus would have occurred sometime shortly before that, perhaps from AD 32-33.Investigative Approach #3: Working ALONGSIDE Astronomers Through the Ages Most Biblical historians agree that the crucifixion of Jesus occurred on a Friday, and all the Gospel accounts describe Jesus dying a few hours before the Jewish Sabbath (i.e. The Gospels also agree that Jesus died at the time of the Jewish Passover.Even though the Resurrection of Jesus took place nearly two thousand years ago, we can narrow the window of occurrence to within just three years, from AD 30-33. Herod, Tiberius, Pontius Pilate and Junius Gallo were real, historical people, just like Jesus. The claims about Jesus were made very early in history in front of people who would have known if they were lies.Credible, credentialed historians agree: Jesus existed as a real historical person, and efforts to estimate date ranges for His birth, ministry, crucifixion and Resurrection are .This occurred in approximately AD 51–52, based on a 1905 archaeological discovery in the city of Delphi.

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