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She figures it must be "some rich guy" who loves her art.

She thanks you for the idea and says it's been really successful so far, and is confident she'll have enough money to work on her art full-time now.

If you suggested an art show in her two-heart event, Leah is at your farmhouse door between 6 AM and 8 AM (except in winter) to invite you to her art show. She started out as an exercise in human anatomy, but I ended up seeing her through to completion. I wanted to create an animatronic humanoid statue to toy with the viewer's ability to properly attribute personhood to a physical entity." (pause) "And the last one is called 'Wood Sculpture 3'.

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Once the ceremony is complete, she will move into your farm, and your house will have an addition with a small art studio.

She'll also have an area behind the house for sculpture carving where she'll sometimes go.

She tells you that she's been thinking about the art show or is saving for a computer, depending on your choice in the previous event.

Leah is trying to reach a fruit from the large tree above the forest lake.

The wedding will take place 3 days after you propose and be handled by Leah.

The marriage ceremony takes place in the center of Pelican Town with every member of the town attending the event.After the call, she tells you her story and asks if it was selfish to move out of the city to be an artist.Depending on your response in this conversation and the two-heart event, she'll either thank you for listening or briefly get angry.She can't reach it, so you lift her onto your shoulders.She thanks you and says that if her art ever fails, you'll always be there to catch her. I'll leave that for you to decide." (pause) "This one's called 'Post-Dimensional Nullspace'. The shape and color came to me vividly when I was in a 'trance state'." (pause) "I've been calling this one 'Egg Heads'.Gifts on her birthday (Winter 23) will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.

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