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So, yeah, it just sort of unfolded like that.” The two first garnered buzz after they were photographed in New York City.

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"I remember telling my driver, 'If I put my arm in the door, you should slam it.

It should cause a break and it should get me out of this gig.’” As we all know, the driver didn’t end up breaking Fassbender’s arm; instead, the actor went back to his apartment to learn his lines and he ended up getting nominated for an Oscar.

I have no interest in playing one-dimensional film characters so I never went into it going: ‘Ooh I get to play evil.’ But there’s something nice about the freedom of excusing behaviour you would never do yourself. What intrigued you about the theme – which is all to do with beauty?

We live in a society where women are treated like cut flowers that wilt, whereas men are like fine wines – as they age, they get better.

CT: And Michael’s one of the two who did not make me feel very comfortable [laughter].

Now, I completely understand how that can happen, which is why I haven’t issued a Fassy-fatwa on Charlize. I too could easily convince myself that Fassy is my immortal beloved and perhaps if I just organize a sketchy, leather-clad photo shoot and shove his face into my biscuits while he’s hanging upside down… However, one of the most revealing snippets from the event came when an audience member asked about playing Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle-directed biopic. It was such a mountain, and I’m a slow learner, so when the script arrived for me and the opportunity came to play the part, I really thought, 'This is not me. It’s a miscast scenario.'” Only after his father and agent pushed him did he take the job.When asked which film was the most difficult to make, Fassbender replied "He wrote all that stuff! "But in rehearsals, I was trying to find a way to get out of the job," he continued.At the Toronto Film Festival, Michael Fassbender put himself through something most actors never do; he watched clips of his own films back with an audience present, candidly speaking about each role (all for charity).Notably, Vulture reports how the actor spoke of his displeasure with his performance as Magneto in with Charlize Theron, saying his performance as the android was inspired by both David Bowie and Olympic diver Greg Louganis (“I just remember watching the Olympics thinking his walk was so funny and mesmerising”).Here she talks to Metro about how Jack Nicholson inspired her and what it’s like hanging out with Michael Fassbender on the set of Prometheus. I was flicking through the TV channels one day watching The Shining and Jack Nicholson’s performance really inspired me in terms of being stuck in a castle.

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