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PLV is the place to be when it comes to cool events.

Join Seidenberg on Tuesday, April 24 (PLV), and Wednesday, April 25 (NYC), to meet with leaders in tech who will share their experiences. Join members of the Confucius Institute (CI) and the Center for Global Psychology as they celebrate CI’s ninth anniversary!

There will be lectures, a reception, and a celebration to honor the cultural enrichment CI brings to Pace every year.

Every day, Pace students are striving for success—not just for themselves, but for others as well.

They are advocates for a brighter future, and today, we celebrate their hard work. Join Beta Alpha Psi for their annual Woman of the Year Banquet on Friday, May 4!

She’s also an original member of Pace Delivers board, plays lacrosse, and currently interns at Con Ed.

Did you know she taught herself how to play two instruments?

On Friday, May 4, the Schimmel Center will host The Struggle to Forgive, a musical drama performed by the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra tackling the issue of gun violence in the US. Join community organizations in Westchester for a social forum on Sunday, April 22, to exchange ideas and information, foster solidarity, and celebrate our work to create a more just and equal society!

Ernest Hemingway famously created the #sixwordstory when he wrote, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Now Mortola Library is challenging PLV students to write their own six word story—using a real typewriter!

Did you check out the spring issue of Pace Magazine?

You’re gonna want to—because this time, we’re featuring the first-ever Pace 30 Under 30, including performers in Hamilton and Black Panther, CEOs and leaders in STEM, fashion and video game designers, and many, many more. As the academic year comes to an end, President Krislov reflects on the many accomplishments of the Pace Community, discusses the launch of his new Pace podcast, and looks ahead to his second year as our new President.

Sidney Hong ’19 is an international management major with a peace and justice studies minor, founder and co-president of the Queer Society, and ready to take the startup industry by storm. WNBA Hall of Fame member, four-time WNBA finalist, and basketball legend Sue Wicks will be coming to the PLV Campus on Friday, April 20!

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