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Small Claims Court is sometimes called the People's Court because: Corporations, associations, partnerships, and assignees must start a Commercial Small Claim.

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You may file by mail or you may file in person at one of the District Court courthouses. How to fill out the Small Claims Complaint Form How to fill out the Commercial Claims Complaint Form What information will I need to fill out the form?

You will need the correct name and street address of each defendant and claimant. What if I do not have the defendant's correct, legal name?

You or someone else may start your case by filling out a Complaint Form (DC-283).

The Complaint Form describes your claim to the Court.

You can get the Demand Letter for Commercial Small Claims Consumer Transaction and the Certification for Commercial Small Claims Consumer Transaction forms from the Court Clerk.

How do I start my Small Claims or Commercial Small Claims case?What are the special rules for starting a Commercial Small Claims case that is a Consumer Transaction?Commercial Small Claims Consumer Transaction cases must follow these rules: Where can I get a demand letter form and certification for my consumer transaction case?If you do not provide the defendant's true legal, it will be very hard for you to collect your money judgment, if you win. File it in person (or ask someone to file it for you) at the Small Claims Court Clerk's Office. You must pay a Small Claims filing fee or Commercial Small Claims filing fee by cash or money order, credit cards, or personal checks. Checks and money orders should be made payable to "The Clerk of the Court." The fees to sue in Small Claims Court are listed on our Fees webpage.If you are filing the Small Claims Complaint form by mail or filing the Commercial Claims Complaint form by mail you must sign it in front of a notary first. Is there another way to solve my problem without going to Court? Every county in the state of New York has a community dispute resolution center that offers mediation for free. If the person you are suing (the defendant) wants to sue you, s/he may file a Small Claims counterclaim against you.Ask the Small Claims Court Clerk for information about a "third-party action." You may be able to have the responsible person added to your case. Unless you are the parent or guardian suing on behalf of your child, probably not.

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