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As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should talk to your child about internet safety.

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Be sure to restate your point and establish any internet rules you would like your child to follow.

It is important to remember that many teenagers think they know everything, but many don’t.

For your convenience, just a few of the many reasons why you should have the internet safety talk with your child are outlined below. If your child has just started using the internet to research school projects, be sure you discuss internet safety with them, as it won’t be long before they realize that they can communicate with and make new friends online. It Is Your Job, As the Parent Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should talk to your child about internet use and internet safety is because it is your job to do so.

As a parent, it is your reasonability to guide and protect your child.Despite this, discussing internet safety with your child in a calm and cool manner is likely to make your teenager feel comfortable about the issue.This increases the chances of them approaching you when they run into trouble online.This should involve coming to you immediately or saving all information, as opposed to erasing it from the computer, until you or the police can examine it. They Can Feel More Comfortable Talking to You If your child is in high school or junior high school, they may automatically get defensive when you try to talk to them about internet safety.This is because most kids believe that they already know all that is needed to know and others just assume that you are being an overbearing parent.Parents need to set some rules and guidelines with their children and the internet shouldn’t be any different.

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