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In 1918, the Army adopted and allotted the serial number system, and name and serial numbers were ordered stamped on the identification tags of all enlisted troops.(Serial number 1 was assigned to enlisted man Arthur B.Shinny Stainless Steel Key Tag includes: 1 Stainless Steel Dog Tag 1Stainless Steel 4.5" chain 1 Black silencer (not shown) 4 Lines of indented text Recommed you use a work address or PO Box., PLEASE DO NOT use your home address for your Key Ring Tag.

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Dog tags are traditionally part of the makeshift battlefield memorials soldiers create to their fallen comrades.

The casualty's rifle with bayonet affixed is stood vertically atop the empty boots, with the helmet over the stock of the rifle.

It is prescribed as a part of the uniform and when not worn as directed herein will be habitually kept in the possession of the owner.

The tag will be issued by the Quartermaster's Department gratuitously to enlisted men and at cost price to officers..." The Army changed regulations on July 6, 1916, so that all soldiers were issued two tags: one to stay with the body and the other to go to the person in charge of the burial for record-keeping purposes.

The Department of Defense official switched to dog tags with out notches in early 1965. Military bases with older style (notched) tags on hand did issue them for a time in 1965 and as late and 1966. Set # 1 of Vietnam Dog Tags includes: 2 Stamped, Stainless Steel Dog Tags-Indent Text 1 Stainless Steel 24" chain, not shown 1 Stainless Steel 5.5" chain, not shown 2 Black Silencers, not shown Tag VN # 2 - Includes both a service number and a social security number.

Set of Notched Dog Tags includes: 2 Indent Stamped, Notched Stainless Steel Tags 1 Stainless Steel 24" chain, not shown 1 Stainless Steel 4.5" chain, not shown 2 Black Silencers, not shown Tag VN # 1 - Edge is rolled to the back and the hole is on the right. This was a transition time when the military switched to using a servicemen's social security number for identification instead of issuing a service number.

WWII dog tags come complete with notch and rolled edge.

Explanation of dog tag text: Last name, First name-Middle Initial Service number -Year of tetanus shot-Blood type Next of Kin's name Next of Kin's address Next of Kin's City-State Religion Serial numbers were issued due to the growing number of servicemen with common names as Johnson, Smith, etc.

Serial numbers starting with various digits designated different service.

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