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What she discovers, however, is something far more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

A massive storm has washed several bloodthirsty bull sharks into the river and, to make matters worse, they’ve begun building a dam out of human remains in order to trap their prey.

The story of revolves around the warped psychology of a tormented young boy who can only relate to his doll collection, and the only relief from the pain in his life comes with slaughtering those he has learned to hate the most. The film is a whirlwind of vengeful deaths, elaborate dream sequences, and crazy characters.

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, Benjamin Mckenzie never turned 38, Adam Brody didn’t settle down with Blair Waldorf, and Rachel Bilson never took up with Anakin Skywalker. As much as we miss those four years of madness, there are a couple characters we wouldn’t dare invite to our fantasy reunion—in fact, there are 22 of them.

The series wouldn’t be what it is without them, but we would’ve made a couple edits to their screen time.

They did, however, bring him a sense of accomplishment.

"I hope to stay fairly under the radar," Donowho said in an Interview (February 2005) article.

Silver lining: without Johnny, we never would have heard the amazing Sufjan Stevens song that played at his funeral. Trey’s drug-dealing moral equivalent and sometime girlfriend was welcomed into the series’ narrative after being found unconscious in the pool.

Somehow, this was a totally appropriate introduction to Jess Sathers. That’s pretty low, even for the depraved money-grubbing residents of Newport Beach.Charlotte literally pretended to be an alcoholic to get to Kirsten’s money—eek!Even the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, found the story line pretty ridiculous.Donowho and Highsmith both costarred the Indie film The Pacific and Eddy.Since his movie debut in 2001's The Car Thief and the Hit Man, Donowho has added about a dozen indie films to his resumé.is a feature film of the psychological horror/revenge genre written by Heidi Moore and Cassandra Sechler.

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