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This is when somebody tries to ruin someone else's romantic relationship or marriage. One of the most common is that the saboteur is in love with one of the people in the relationship, and is willing to stoop pretty low to "correct" this situation.(In extreme cases, they may even try to Murder the Hypotenuse.) A non-romantic version of this arises from Friend Versus Lover situations, where a character is rivaled over by his/her best friend and the Love Interest.Despite his high moral tone Pole started to have to look over his shoulder.

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The range of techniques available to a relationship saboteur is similarly varied.

Lying is popular - you just need to make one half of the relationship look bad, such as by fabricating evidence of an affair or trying to make them flunk a Fidelity Test.

When Henry VIII became king it was he who returned to Margaret the title of Countess of Salisbury whilst her eldest son, Henry, became Lord Montagu.

It was probably just as well that Henry VIII had taken a shine to the family when Sir Richard died in 1504 the family had been so impoverished that they had to borrow money to pay for the funeral.

In August 1538 however, he was not in the Tower he was wondering what his little brother Geoffrey was saying and what charges that he might face.

Margaret Pole wrote for permission to visit Geoffrey and to ask what he had done.

Alternatively, it could be that they just want Revenge for something, or that they want to free up one of the parties for a bit of gold digging, or that they're simply bitter that someone else is so happy and they're not.

Sometimes, they may even be acting from a genuine, well-intentioned, and possibly even accurate belief that their friend has made a poor choice or should have chosen someone else.

The Pole family in England wrote letters castigating Reginald, sure that they would be read before reaching their intended recipient.

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