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Plus, the main reason he wanted to be a lawyer in the first place was to help those who have no one on their side. Wouldn't you want someone to feel that way about you?Plus, you know, he does kind of go on exciting adventures through time and space in his TARDIS... Yeah, he's not conventionally attractive, but hey, the above might not be by today's standards either.

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When you've been single for as long as I have, you have time to grow as an individual.

So as cliched as it may come across, I really took the time to work on being my best self.

But maybe their standards are just different from mine.

Face it, those fictional characters are hard to resist. Although, mentally dating is a lot easier than actual dating, so at least there's an upside. Plus, despite his emotionless exterior, he cares deeply for his friends and loved ones. And he IS a wizard, and magic is definitely a bonus Those of you into Broadway, or have at least seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. I mean, even Victor Hugo himself said he was "angelically beautiful". (That fails, but still...) He's obviously not afraid to stand up what he believes in, and see above for my feelings on passionate men.

You should go into dating with an open mind and open heart: That's where the difference between being picky and having high standards really establishes itself. It's rather difficult to not completely doubt humanity after being catfished or making a guy leave the date early because he was 30 minutes late due to the fact that he was watching me from the bar. I have a good career and live an active lifestyle (despite having a dangerous sweet tooth any nutritionist or dentist would cringe at).

I later found this out from the group of guys I asked to save me from my horrible date. So in all seriousness, having high standards is a good thing. Fw-300 #ya-qn-sort h2 /* Breadcrumb */ #ya-question-breadcrumb #ya-question-breadcrumb i #ya-question-breadcrumb a #bc .ya-q-full-text, .ya-q-text #ya-question-detail h1 html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-text html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] #ya-question-detail h1, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] #ya-question-detail h1 #Stencil . Bdend-1g /* Trending Now */ /* Center Rail */ #ya-center-rail .profile-banner-default .ya-ba-title #Stencil . Bgc-lgr #ya-best-answer, #ya-qpage-msg, #ya-question-detail, li.ya-other-answer .tupwrap .comment-text /* Right Rail */ #Stencil . Bxsh-003-prpl #yai-q-answer, #ya-trending, #ya-related-questions h2. Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .Worldly, erm, "other-worldly" men who will take you on an adventure? He's the greatest detective in the world, so obviously highly intelligent and proud of his job.Sure, he may be a little weird, but hey, I'm weird, so it's not an issue to me. Wouldn't you want to hang out and eat cake with him? OK, but seriously, this guy almost single-handedly runs the Host Club, and aside from Haruhi, acts as a voice of reason to the otherwise lively group, yet still just as charming.But at this point, after experiencing some of the horrible dates and outlandish Tinder/Bumble messages, I'm just hoping for a non-creepy, breathing person to meet me out for dinner and drinks (with some other fun activities mixed in there).

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