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Twin Falls; wven firnndcliildrcn and (Ive Rreal- graiidclilldrcn. Ruttars, Burial of tlic r L-maliis will lie In the Pieas;ml Vlcw Ci'mi.'l(Tj .

Wednesday ,ii .^ospcii Payne Memorial Chapel by Elder Gordim G.

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Seoul, Korea; two sisters, Mary Hosly, Urtumi, III., and Arna Manuel, Kcrrville. Monday at While Mortuary Qiopcl, Funeral Mass will be at a.m. Edward's Cfi Uiollc Churdi w Ilti Fatticr Perry Doddsascelcbrant.

Gltisonwiisiintianorary incmlic if Itie Entomological Society of America i, member, past truttccandscsslonmcm - r of Uie Presbyterian Church, member if Die Hotllster Masonic Lodge and p it ■.mastcr-Of..t Jic^T\vln_Fnlts .

and Mrs, Bill Miller, bo,th Twin Falls, customers In the bar, were among tt'ic first to notice Scclircst entcrlnfl the bar. San ■ Martin, as a front, were arrested nnd admitted tlieir guilt, a police spokesman said. "Tlicre arc a lot of women out there - women - likc-your acqunrntancc wlio like secretarial work, and married women who were skilled secretaries when tticy were younger and would like lore-enler the field." Fronstoln thinks thai inilustry could allraci many of skilled .secretaries, is ' ABBY: New playmates bad Influence on tots. HORSE SHOW SE; T: All-Arabian Horse Show is scheduled July 23 and 24 at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds. FBI deluged with FOI requests Opinion NEW YORK'S DARKNESS: The ugliness qtthe vandalism and looting during New_^York City's blackout raises cotitern aboiit the^direclion of Amerlcansociety.

■ "All I cnn say Is thank God we got oul nllvc." Mndlahd -saldr"I-]DSt-b Kamc aware (hot he (Sech'rcst) was standing there with a gun and that it was time to get out, 1 waseo concerned with getting my wife and Itic o Uicr couple out, I don't know exactly what happened," . ' ■ Go Tp^ smugglers busted CULIACAN, Mcxlco f UPD - Mexican police Saturday an- nounced the breakup of a smuggling ring whoso members hid cocaine inside corpscsand sltlpped litem to the Unltcd States, Four ringleaders, who used the city's funeral homo. A Times-News survey shows most county buildings aren't equipped to deal with handicapped persons. NOW YOU SEE HER, KELU FILLMORE, WATCH THE BALL HIT THE TARGET . an important factor when "it's the only salary Instead of a second salary." Willie" most entry jobs are low swilnry. of idenllfyin R secretarial levels Umi wmtid provide people witli very lilj;li skill;; and a great deal of experience with commensurate salaries.

day." Drcxlcr said, adding that the officer had remained at the resort for a period of time to sure Sechrest u-ould not return. ■ Aboat ramp In front of the rusort leads onfy to a ' drylakebotlomtliisycarduotot Jtedrauglil. "Tliafs w Tiy there were' only six customers hi' there," Drexier said about Uie resort, Which con- tains a bar, wliieh Sechrest built, a t Wi Ing laekle j and£upplyshop,andacofe. ' STAIRS ARE BARRIERS: If you are han- ■dicappedr-ll's- hard-to- do county business in sou Uicm Idaho. a wet rpisc money for Kimbcrl}- cliccrlcniler H NOW YOU DONT AS KELLI TAKES A SWIM . he says, il Is more or Ics-s of a dead end as fni- as salary ^nes.

"I'm going to kill you all," but others In brief statements given to Siierlffs officers did not report hearing anything before the sliooling began, Drcxlersald. ■ ■ ■ "Everything seemed lo be fine earlier In the. Living according to Fromsleln, "While the rcillly Is-lhat a major executive often Iscasierlo replace — and more likely lo Iw lircd - llinn a Rooil Sccrctaryi llic perception of thcjobis'fnrfromthnt." . "A secretary Is in a much better position lo learn the workiiig.s ot a company than. a mall room clerk, bul the latter often is chosen by annppllconl on nii entry job.-''ho8nld. Iii- nin R at the education icvcl, wliere liiisliiess courses have all but disappeared from lii Rli schools." Tlie trouble is. - Survivors Include his wife, Rupert; two dauglilcrs, Mrs. died Friday ewning at Magic Rcservnlr of a g"n«bolwound, - - Funeral services ana compieic ohiiuary will be adnounced by Hansen Monu.iry, i.~nup|Crt. Schenk was a cliartcr member of the Ebenezer Congregational Church in Paul and has been Instrumental En ttic building of Uic Clirlstlan Educotlon Center neor Minico Hrgli Sdiool. Bom Morch 25, 189G In a German village near Odessa, Russia, he allendod'sc Tioo Is In South Dakota and later moved widi hl.s ' * family to Klmnma. 57, died at Ills home In Oakley alter a sudden - illness. Rupert, I died Tliursdny at Minidoka County ■J Memorial Hospital. After his first wife died, he married Uiclllc Wtiltlnkcr and moved to Ruperl where tic farmed until the time of his deatlr Kay Wake OAKLEY - Kay Wake. He attended Ouklcy schools and graduated from the Ouklcy , Higti School. Twin Falls, Idaho 35 9 ' Evan lau lor ' carrier dotlvcry Three dead after shooting spree- ^Resort owiiier By LARRY SWISHER , Ttme^News Writer , MAGICVALLEY-Amancarrylnga .22callber rinc and holding his stcp-dauglitcr hostage walked Into tlic' bjir w Ii wna .working Jriday -nigtitandstartcd£)i6oli Dg.- . ■■ ,.,.-" _v: In a matter of minulcs Dennis Sochrcsl, 38. vi Tiiindcd n third and tlicn shot himscll Inttieliead.

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