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(Chapter 7) augering A subsurface detection method using either a hand- or machine-powered drill to determine the depth and character of archaeological deposits.

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(Chapter 4) band A term used to describe small-scale societies of hunters and gatherers, generally less than 100 people, who move seasonally to exploit wild (undomesticated) food resources.

Kinship ties play an important part in social organization. bioarchaeology The study of human remains (but in the Old World it is sometimes applied to other kinds of organic remains such as animal bones).

This pattern is often found in contexts such as flash floods, epidemics, or volcanic eruptions.

(Chapter 7) cenote A ritual well, for example at the late Maya site of Chichen Itza, into which enormous quantities of symbolically rich goods had been deposited.

In spite of its limitations, central place theory has found useful applications in archaeology as a preliminary heuristic device.

(Chapter 5) chaîne opératoire Ordered chain of actions, gestures, and processes in a production sequence (e.g.

(Chapter 5) chinampas The areas of fertile reclaimed land, constructed by the Aztecs, and made of mud dredged from canals.

(Chapter 6) chronometric dating See absolute dating.

(Chapter 8) anthropology The study of humanity – our physical characteristics as animals, and our unique non-biological characteristics we call culture.

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