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“It’s always about questioning what is normal and how that questioning expresses itself,” Gaines says.

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But Grace Jones, Deborah Anne Dyer, Fefe Dobson, Janelle Monáe, Lisa Bonet, Cree Summer, and Rachel True are some of the black women that African Americans in the goth scene have found inspiring.

Xunise is especially fond of True, who starred as Rochelle in the 1996 cult film about a teenage coven of witches.

“They love everything about the look — from the baby barrette to the chokers to the [Catholic schoolgirl] skirts,” the actress says.

When she’s not in uniform, Rochelle is styled darkly, with flowing black dresses and matching tights, chocolate lipstick, crucifix earrings, and layers of beaded jewelry.

Other African-Americans say they became “scene kids” because of their upbringings, interest in art and music, or fondness for a particular aesthetic.

They point out that goth and alternative cultures may be linked to whiteness in the popular imagination, but many of the characteristics associated with these subcultures, especially piercings, tattoos, and rock, have roots in communities of color.

She notes that festivals like Afro Punk came about to give African Americans in the scene a chance to come together.

Today, Gaines has a “post-punk sensibility” and continues to wear all black. It can mean daring to look at what frightens others or finding the beauty in ugliness. She says Rei Kawakubo, the fashion designer behind Commes des Garçons, has a goth attitude because she embraces a style that is “not aesthetically pleasing.” Known for their geometric shapes, exaggerated size, confrontational patterns, and layers of fabric, the iconic pieces in the line are more works of art than mere clothing.

They attend the Afro Punk music festival in combat boots and Wednesday Addams dresses.

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