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Watchmen and Breaking Bad spent less than a minute discussing where “Ozymandias” and “Heisenberg” came from. Some heroic examples include Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter, as opposed to villainous examples like Venom and Carnage. Batman is named after a bat even though his powers aren’t actually bat-related. For example, Rorschach is mentally unstable, unpredictable and a psychiatric case.(Unless bats are secretly master ninja-scientist-detectives. That’d go a long way to explaining how the bats trapped in my attic have survived this long, actually). The Taxman Must Die has a mutant alligator named Agent Orange that is helpful and (probably) safe for humans. A name which sounds like it might actually be a given name (e.g. There might also be some symbolism to the name picked (e.g.

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Expect the Crusading Widower to have new potential love interests die to not distract them from their vengeance, or grow disgusted with the edgy nature of the character and ultimately be turned off of him.

Here are some amazing stories about workplace romance that commenters shared in years past.

Sometimes the two of these are combined, making for a character who can't catch a break in the romantic department.

Compare Her Heart Will Go On, a variation where the love interest is killed off to show how strong and empowered a female protagonist is.

In particular, if the character has to be intimidating at any point, a name like “The Punisher” would be a serious liability — a name which tries too hard to be badass is probably goofy. Something based on the character’s superpowers (e.g. Names like this strike me as a red flag that the character is not very interesting.

*And also a brilliant teacher/scientist who involved himself in shady business. If the most interesting thing about the character really is his/her superpowers, I’d recommend going back to the drawing board and thinking about things like personality, goals/motivations, theme, and whatever else distinguishes your character from characters with similar superpowers. If you post below for help coming up with a name for a superhero, please give us more to work with than just the character’s superpowers.Named for the hunky Cartwright family, father and three sons, of ; after all, their mother was a widow when the show opened and their sister wasn't exactly lucky in love herself).If the two of them wind up getting married, it's even worse — chances are that the Love Interest won't even make it to the honeymoon, or even through the ceremony! If they're together at the end of an arc, be prepared for Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome in the next one.Don't expect these widow(er)s to be particularly shook up at this untimely parting.The reason for all this romance being cut short (besides an authorial inclination for their heroes to stay single and available) is the fact that many villains just can't resist tormenting the hero however they can, particularly by going after friends, family and loved ones (and even the Team Pet! It's little wonder that many Celibate Heroes (who have likely been through this multiple times) have an "It's Not You, It's My Enemies" speech handy.Sylar naming himself after a watch company or an unusually volatile chemist naming himself after the German god of uncertainty*).

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