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ABPA - allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis ABPB - Activity Based Planning and Budgeting ABPC - American Book Prices Current ABPD - American Board of Pediatric Dentistry ABPE - Alt Binaries Pictures Erotica ABPF - All Bodo Peace Forum ABPG - Arkansas Business Publishing Group ABPH - American Board of Psychological Hypnosis ABPI - Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry ABPJ - American Bad Poetry Journal ABPK - Australian Back Packer Kit ABPL - Alfred''s Basic Piano Library ABPM - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement ABPN - American Board of Professional Neuropsychology ABPO - Association of Black Probation Officers ABPP - American Board of Professional Psychology ABPR - African Book Publishing Record ABPS - Association of British Philatelic Societies ABPT - Association of Blind Piano Tuners ABPU - Average Billing per User ABPV - Acute Bee Paralysis Virus ABPW - Algae Bugger Pressure Washer ABPX - Antennal Binding Protein XABPZ - Algemene Bestuurlijke Publiekszaken ABQA - Artisan Bakers Quality Alliance ABQC - America Best Quality Coatings ABQF - Approved Bison Quarantine Facilities ABQL - Administrative Bureau of Quota and Licence ABQP - aggregate BSS Qo S profile ABQS - Assurance of Business Quality Systems ABRA - American Bio Recovery Association ABRB - ABRC - Advisory Board for the Research Councils ABRD - Asian Bank for Reconstruction and Development ABRE - American Board of Recorded Evidence ABRF - Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities ABRG - Agricultural and Biological Research Group ABRH - Advisory Board on the Registration of Homoeopathic ABRI - Agricultural Business Research Institute ABRJ - AIDS Book Review Journal ABRL - American Bouvier Rescue League ABRM - Accredited Buyer Representative Manager ABRN - Auto Body Repair News ABRO - American Belarussian Relief Organization ABRP - American Building Restoration Products ABRR - Affinity Based Recruitment Resource ABRS - Association of British Riding Schools ABRT - Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team ABRU - Animal Behaviour Research Unit ABRV - Advanced Ballistic Reentry Vehicle ABRW - Association of Black Radcliffe Women ABRX - ABSA - Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts ABSB - America Best Speakers Bureau ABSC - Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation ABSD - Adult Basic Skills Development ABSE - Agent Based Software Engineering ABSF - Africa Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum ABSG - Advanced Bash Scripting Guide ABSI - Asian Business Solutions Inc ABSJ - ABSK - alt books stephen king ABSL - All Burma Students League ABSM - Area Based Socioeconomic Measures ABSN - Aboriginal Business Service Network ABSO - Accounting and Business Student Organization ABSP - Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program ABSQ - Australian Bureau of Statistics Queensland ABSR - Association of Beverly Shores Residents ABSS - Alamance Burlington School System ABST - auftragsberatungsstellen ABSU - Accenture Business Services for Utilities ABSV - Allgemeiner Blinden-und Sehbehindertenverein ABSW - Association of British Science Writers ABSY - television production company - com - name origin unknown ABSZ - Association of Building Societies of Zimbabwe ABTA - Association of British Travel Agents ABTB - Audio By The Bay ABTC - American Belgian Tervuren Club ABTD - Associa?? ria ABTV - Ad Busters Tele Vision ABTW - Akademie Bauwesen Technik und Wirtschaft ABTY - Anyone But The Yankees ABTZ - Autobytel [NASDAQ]ABUA - Amateur Baseball Umpires Association ABUB - Alian? rdoba ABUD - Automatically Back Up Data ABUE - a Better User Experience ABUF - Association des boursiers de l'' AUFABUG - Apple Bits Users Group ABUH - ABVA - Alden Bridge Village Association ABVB - Avid Broadcast Video Board ABVC - Association of Beach Volleyball Coaches ABVD - Adriamycin Bleomycin Vinblastine and Dacarbazine ABVE - Adriamycin Bleomycin Vincristine Etoposide ABVG - All Bulgaria Virtual Guide ABVH - Anita Blake Vampire Hunter ABVI - Are Blind or Visually Impaired ABVK - ABVS - Automated Best Value System ABVT - Advisory Body Vocational Training ABVZ - Allgemeines Branchen Verzeichnis ABWA - American Business Women Association ABWB - Association of Better Web Business ABWC - Automatic Balancing Wheeled Conveyances ABWD - Around the Bend Web Designs ABWE - Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement ABWF - Alliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen ABWG - Ada Bindings Working Group ABWH - Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe ABWI - Australasian Bottled Water Institute ABWJ - name origin unknown ABWK - ABWY - Almeida be with you ABWZ - system of long-term health care- name origin unknown ABXA - ABX Air - full name unknown ABXB - abxb meaning unknown ABXW - Virus name - forums.showthread.php?

o Brasileira de Treinamento e Desenvolvimento ABTE - Advanced Bi CMOS Technology Enhanced ABTF - Associa?? o Brasileira de Transportadores Internacionais ABTJ - Anak Baru Tumbuh Jembut. ndkulan ABTL - ABTM - Consortia guarding the traditional Modena balsamic vinegar - name origin unknown ABTN - Air & Business Travel News ABTO - Association of Belgian Tour Operators ABTP - Associa?? rios ABTQ - antenna model- name origin unknown ABTR - American Boston Terrier Rescue ABTS - American Board of Thoracic Surgery ABTT - Alaska Beach Tundra Toons ABTU - Associa?? t=48043ABYA - Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents ABYB - Acton Boxborough Youth Baseball ABYC - Alamitos Bay Yacht Club ABYF - Asian Baptist Youth Fellowship ABYL - Acton Boxborough Youth Lacrosse ABYM - ABZH - user on Comic Spot - abzh - name origin unknown ABZN - alg.

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s Institute AAWJ - Aztec All Wheel Junkies AAWL - Arizona Animal Welfare League AAWM - American Academy of Wound Management AAWN - AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'' S NETWORKAAWO - Albanian American Womans Organization AAWP - American Association of Working People AAWR - American Association for Women Radiologists AAWS - Association of African Women Scholars AAWT - Australian Alps Walking Track AAWU - Alaska Aviation Weather Unit AAWV - American Assn.

Of Wildlife Veterinarians AAWW - Asian American Writers'' Workshop AAWX - Concentric Hole Depth AAWY - And Also with You AAWZ - Ausbau- und Aufbaugesellschaft Wissenschaftszentrum AAXA - discount mortgage company - name origin unknown AAXB - G-AAXB Aircraft model - AAXE - Automation and Extraction Agent AAXL - Aqua Aura e Xtra Large gemstone AAXS - Alumni Association of Xavier School AAYA - Asian American Youth Alliance AAYB - All About You Books AAYC - Ann Arbor Youth Chorale AAYD - Anne Arundel Young Democrats AAYE - AAYF - As Always Your Friend AAYH - American Association of Young Hungarians AAYM - Action Alpha Youth Ministry AAYN - Advocates for Alaska''s Youth Network AAYO - All American Youth Orchestra AAYP - Arab American Young Professionals AAYS - Arizona At Your Service - us AAYSAAYT - Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis AAYV - Allied Arts of Yakima Valley AAYW - All Around Your World AAYY - unknown - AAZA - org - meaning unknown AAZB - Amino AZo Benzene AAZC - Les actions a? ABAP - A Breed Apart ABAQ - Albuquerque Bernalillo County Air Quality ABAR - Alternate Battery Acquisition Radar ABAS - Adaptive Behavior Assessment System ABAT - Agent Based Analytical Tool ABAU - Archbishops Appeal Unit ABAV - Associa??

rzea AACW - Appalachian Alliance for Computers and Writing AACX - Alaska Division of Agriculture AACY - All American City YMCAAACZ - Akademischer Alpen-Club Z? rich AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association AAHB - American Academy of Health Behavior AAHC - American Association of Healthcare Consultants AAHD - American Association on Health and Disability AAHE - American Association for Health Education AAHF - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation AAHG - All American Hot Dog Gang AAHH - African American Heritage Hymnal AAHI - American Association of Home Inspectors AAHJ - l'' Association Arch?

Niederhausbergen AAEO - Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity AAEP - American Association of Equine Practitoners AAEQ - Anthropology and Education Quarterly AAER - Association for the Advancement of Educational Research AAES - Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station AAET - Astrological Association of East Tennessee AAEU - Arab American e University System AAEV - Aldinga Arts Eco Village AAEW - ? ves de Yabn AAEZ - Al Ain Educational Zone AAFA - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America AAFB - Association pour la Formation de la Biochimie et de la Biologie AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AAFD - African Americans for Democracy AAFE - Asian Americans For Equality AAFF - American Archives of the Factual Film AAFG - Acetic Acid Food Grade AAFH - Academy of American Franciscan History AAFI - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFJ - Association Amicale Franco-Japonaise AAFK - Aalesunds Fotballklubb - Klubben AAFL - Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd AAFM - American Academy of Financial Management AAFN - Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURHAAFO - All Aviation Flightline Online AAFP - American Academy of Family Practice AAFQ - Amateur Astronomers Federation of Quebec AAFR - Architetti Associati Flabiano-Rossi AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Science AAFT - Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing AAFU - Association des anciens fonctionnaires de l'' UNESCOAAFV - Association d'' Amities Franco Vietnamienne AAFW - Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers AAFX - Al\\''s Art FX - - Australians Against Further Immigration AAFZ - unknown - com AAGA - Africa Assemblies of God Alliance AAGB - Association des amis de Gaston Bachelard AAGC - Agrupaci? rhus Grundejerforening AAGG - African American Genealogy Group AAGH - Accord Appraisals Granada Hills AAGI - Activation Analysis Group Inc AAGJ - Asociaci? n-AAGK - Apartment Association of Greater Knoxville AAGL - American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists AAGM - Asociaci? a AAGN - Afro America GLOSS News AAGO - Associate of the American Guild of Organists AAGP - American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry AAGQ - Ask A Geology Question AAGR - Associate of Arts degree General Requirements AAGS - African-American Genealogical Society AAGT - Austin Association for the Gifted and Talented AAGU - Auto AG Uri AAGV - Ausbildungsakademiegesetz Verbrauchergesundheit AAGW - Association of Albanian Girls and Women AAGX - com meaning unknown AAGY - Add AGenc Y file access AAGZ - Akademische Aviatikgruppe Z?

o Brasiliense de Deficientes Visuais ABDW - American Business Direct Web ABDX - Abjunction X - ABDX. AUABDY - info - meaning unknown ABDZ - Trojan virus name - - origin unknown ABEA - Adult Basic Education Association ABEB - alt.binaries.e-book ABEC - Annular Bearing Engineering Council ABED - Associa?? o Brasileira de Energia Nuclear ABEO - Associazione Bambino Emopatico Oncologico ABEP - Arkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology ABEQ - Akademie f?

r Beratung und Qualifizierung Gmb HABER - Association for Business Economics Research ABES - Annotated Bibliography for English Studies ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ABEU - Associa?? rias ABEV - Arxiu i Biblioteca Episcopal de Vic ABEX - Abstract Expressionism ABFA - Australian Barramundi Farmers Association ABFB - Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas ABFC - Asset Backed Funding Corporation ABFD - American Board of Family Dentistry ABFE - Australian Bush Flower Essences ABFF - Acapulco Black Film Festival ABFG - Association of British Fungus Groups ABFH - Associa?? uticos Homeopatas ABFI - Amer Business Financial ABFJ - Asset-Based Finance Journal ABFK - Administratief Boekhoudkundig en Fiskaal Kantoor ABFL - Advanced Business Facilities Limited ABFM - Association for Budgeting and Financial Management ABFN - American Board of Forensic Nursing ABFO - American Board of Forensic Odontology ABFP - American Board of Family Practice ABFQ - Audio Bahn Fre Quency ABFR - Address Book Fields Renamer ABFS - American Business Financial Services ABFT - American Board of Forensic Toxicology ABFU - Ambulancebehandlernes F? lpsundervisning ABFV - l'' Association pour le Bien-Etre de la Famille Vanderdonck ABFW - Anthony Byrne Fine Wines ABFX - Australian Business Financial Exchange ABFZ - Agua Blanca Fault Zone ABGA - Arizona Boys Gymnastics Association ABGB - Allgemeines B?e de la Marine AAMN - American Assembly for Men in Nursing AAMO - Asian Association of Management Organization AAMP - American Association of Meat Processors AAMQ - geocode for America User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAMR - Asociaci?n Argentina de Medicina Respiratoria AAMS - Association of Air Medical Services AAMT - American Association for Medical Transcription AAMU - Alabama A M University AAMV - American Association for Museum Volunteers AAMW - Ask About Medicines Website AAMX - Aceto Acet M Xylidide AAMY - AIESEC Alumni Malaysia AAMZ - Arsenal Artilleria de Marina Zarate AANA - American Association of Nurse Anesthetists AANB - Abigail Adams National Bancorp AANC - American Association of Nutritional Consultants AAND - Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development AANE - Asperger''s Association of New England AANF - Assyrian American National Federation AANG - African-American Network Group AANH - Aviation Association of New Hampshire AANI - Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana AANJ - Art Administrators of New Jersey AANK - Amulet: Ankh Sword AANL - Atti Acad Naz Lincei AANM - Apartment Association of New Mexico AANN - Asset Allocation Neural Network AANO - Albanian American National Organization AANP - Alberta Association Naturopathic Practictioners AANQ - geocode for North America User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AANR - American Association for Nude Recreation [com]AANS - Australian Army Nursing Service AANT - Amino Acid Nucleotide AANU - Asociaci?o Brasileira de Treinadores de Futebol ABTG - Associa?? bestrijdingsdienst Zuid Nederland ABZS - Abzymes ABZU - fresh water from underground aquifers that was given a religious quality in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology - Abzu ABZV - Adviesbureau Zorg Vastgoed - nl ABZW - Abzweigstelle ABZY - Music artist name - abzy-sending-you-my-love-final-mix AC Number of ACs found: 571 (84%) ACAA - Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association ACAB - Association of Community Access Broadcasters ACAC - Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference ACAD - Alberta College of Art and Design ACAE - Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education ACAF - Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida ACAG - Anglian Coastal Authorities Group ACAH - American Consumers for Affordable Housing ACAI - Associazione Cristiana Artigiani Italiani ACAJ - ACAK - Associa??o Cooperativa das Academias de Karate ACAL - Australian Council for Adult Literacy ACAM - American College for Advancement in Medicine ACAN - Association of Canada ACAO - Aero Club Adele Orsi ACAP - Army Career and Alumni Program ACAQ - L'' Association des Conseillers en Agroenvironnement du Quebec ACAR - Australian Centre for Addiction Research ACAS - Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service ACAT - Air Compressors and Air Tools ACAU - Associazione Ciociara Allevatori Uccelli ACAV - Action Committee Against Violence ACAW - Aircraft Control And Warning ACAX - ACAY - type of berry - acay-berry-free-trial-835561ACAZ - Ateliers de Construction A? a Vascular AEEW - Atomic Energy Establishment Winfrith AEEX - Asociaci? os AEEZ - Australian Exclusive Economic Zone AEFA - American Education Finance Association AEFB - Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab AEFC - American Express Financial Corporation AEFD - American Express Financial Directory AEFE - Agence pour l'' Enseignement Fran? l'' Etranger AEFF - African Environmental Film Foundation AEFG - American Eagle Financial Group AEFH - AEFY - Always Excavate From Your AEGA - Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies AEGB - Angel Embrace Gift Box AEGC - American Educational Guidance Center AEGD - Advanced Education General Dentistry AEGE - ASEAN Experts Group on the Environment AEGF - Advantage Early Growth Fund AEGG - American Energy Group AEGH - AEGR - Army Embedded GPS Receiver AEGS - Association of English Graduate Students AEGT - Amateur Engines Grand Test AEGY - AIDS Education Group for Youth AEHA - Association for Eradication of Heart Attack AEHC - Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains AEHD - Albuquerque Environmental Health Department AEHE - Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education AEHF - American Education and Health Foundation AEHH - AEHP - Allen Ensminger Home Page AEHR - Australian Economic History Review AEHS - Aircraft Engine Historical Society AEHT - Association of European Hotel and Tourism AEHU - Ambiente e Higiene Urbana AEHV - AEHW - Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers AEIA - Australian Egg Industry Association AEIB - Arab Emirates Investment Bank AEIC - Arts and Education in Concert AEID - Applied Econometrics and International Development AEIF - Association Europeenne pour l'' Interoperabilite Ferroviare [ org]AEIG - American Equine Insurance Group AEII - Alternative Elementary IIAEIL - Atomic Energy Industrial Lab AEIM - Architectural and Engineering Instructions Manual AEIN - Africa Environment Information Network AEIO - AEKC - Alien Embryo Key Chains AEKE - Augmented Encrypted Key Exchange AEKF - approximate extended Kalman filter AEKI - Asosiasi Eksportir Kopi Indonesia AEKM - Aeronautical Enterprise Knowledge Management AEKN - AEKW - African Education Knowledge Warehouse AELA - Australia to Europe Liner Association AELB - Atomic Energy Licensing Board AELC - American Evangelical Lutheran Church AELE - Americans for Effective Law Enforcement AELF - AELG - Auckland Engineering Lifelines Group AELI - American English Language Institute AELJ - Arts and Entertainment Law Journal AELL - Adult Education and Lifelong Learning AELM - APEC Economic Leaders Meeting AELN - Alliance Environmental Law News AELP - American English Language Program AELR - Administrative Executive and Legislative Review AELS - Adult Education and Literacy System AELT - Academy of English Language Thames AELU - AELZ - Active England Learning Zone AEMA - Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association AEMB - Alliance for Engineering in Medicine and Biology AEMC - Atomic Energy Medical Centre AEMD - Alumni E Mail Directory AEME - Africa Europe Middle East AEMF - Australian Emergency Management Forum AEMG - Alliance Electronics Marketing Group AEMH - AMERICAN ENTERPRISE MUTUAL HOLDINGAEMI - Association of European Migration Institutions AEMJ - Arabic Electronic Mail Journal&#AEMK - AENA - All England Netball Association AENB - Aphid Eater Nesting Blocks AENC - American Education Network Corporation AEND - Automated Electrophysiologic Neurodiagnostic Device AENE - Arts Edge National Endowment AENF - Alliance of Eritrean National Forces AENG - Agricultural Engineering AENI - Access Excellence News Index AENJ - Art Educators of New Jersey AENL - Acclaim Exploration No Liability AENM - Associazione Emigranti Nel Mondo AENP - Advanced Education Nursing Program AENR - Agip Energy and Natural Resources AENS - African Eye News Service AENT - Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship AENU - AENV - Alberta Environmental AENW - An Enraged New World AENY - American Express New York AENZ - Alliant Energy New Zealand AEOA - Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency AEOB - Advanced Engine Overhaul Base AEOC - Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer AEOD - Amazing Environmental Organization Directory AEOE - Association for Environmental Outdoor Education AEOF - AEOG - Alberta Energy Oil and Gas AEOH - All Eyez On Him AEOI - Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran AEOJ - Abend end of job.

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