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Either way you don't want to be getting all wobbly because you're trying to do get through the day on an empty stomach. The letter explains exactly what you are required to do.

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Keep calm, remain polite - the person answering the phone may have no control over this process.

That said, the universities are not supposed to keep people in limbo for too long, so if you think they are being unreasonable and causing you to miss out on places elsewhere via Clearing then contact UCAS for advice. You'll just need to go home and await your AS12 email.

More about getting ready for uni: What to do before you go to uni What to take to uni Don't give up completely as there's still a chance they might accept you. If Track says your place is 'unconditional' then you're fine.

Relax, celebrate and leave the phone lines clear - you don't phone your university 'just to check'.

The uni will have spent time already contemplating your application; their decision will be final.

However, if you are appealing any of your grades and have new information to provide, it's really worth keeping the university informed.Let's not pretend you'll be doing anything other than this first thing!Log onto UCAS Track and you'll be able to find out whether your firm choice has already confirmed your place.You'll need it as proof for bank accounts and things like that.Start a folder for all the information you receive from the university.We have all the latest features including; see who's online, virtual gifts, messenge sending and many more. Sign up for FREE today and see what our horny members are getting up to...

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