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The script below is tested to work in Windows XAMPP, but it is not guaranteed to work in all server platforms. Most usernames and passwords are formatted using alphanumeric data types.

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I also wanna show a message saying something like: "Please, enter a valid email address." Otherwise people can just type characters without the @, submit it without problems because is just required but not validated.

This article is an attempt to show how input from web based forms can be dealt with safely.

"Input validation" is the process of double checking form data input to ensure they are the correct data the server needs to process.

Without proper form input validation, the web server and database will process or store the wrong information.

This function is called: The great thing about this script is that it will validate each field against the defined standard (if it is alphabetic, alphanumeric or numeric entry), and then display all validation errors as a list to inform the user what has been entered incorrectly.

In this way, the form is more user-friendly, and at the same time, it ensures that all data entered will be in the correct format and My SQL injection will be prevented.

Never, ever, ever, ever use register globals PHP now has super globals and it is HIGHLY recommended to use them.

This article is by no means a complete security run down, simply and explanation of a single facet of securing your scripts.

Ok, I insert an EMAIL INPUT, I can make it required, but how can I really validate it?

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