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These games are absolutely free and you can redeem rewards with the coins won in our dedicated store, or use them to enter other competitions. Alternatively, you can purchase Coins from the Store.We currently support the following digital wallets: Paysafe, Skrill and all major Visa Debit and Credit cards. We have developed our own rating system, which calculates the relative skill levels of players in competitor versus competitor games.When you first join Pv PRO, we will place you in games in order to determine your skill level.

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Joining Games of Any Division, the team matchmaking will automatically balance teams so that both sides have an equal skill level.

If everyone has accepted the game and you are waiting for players, they have 180 seconds to join the server.

If the teams are tied after max Rounds have been reached, then an Overtime of 6 rounds (unless otherwise stated) is played.

Overtime is repeated until one side reaches 4 (unless otherwise stated) round wins.

At Pv PRO you can play your CS: GO Games and earn Coins everyday.

Choose the Game you want, join with friends or Solo and wait for our matchmaking system to fill up the slots.

After the given time has passed if the teams aren't full, the game will disband and all entry fees (coins) returned.

Note: In 1v1 Games if a Player accepts the game and doesn't log in to the server, he will automatically lose the game.

Once the teams are set up you will see the Accept Game Button, which you will need to click in order for the game to start.

Once the server is ready, the Play Game Button will bring a pop up, from which you can copy the server information to your console, or Click Play and directly open your CS: GO Client.

Global Elites playing on a low level account, will immediately rise to their true rank. We employ industry-standard SSL everywhere for optimal security.

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